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Love Shack

FDM 3D single print object. No supports or rafts were needed. Numerous obstacles had to be overcome to allow for this Love Shack to be printed.

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Miscellaneous little box with moving gears for engineering enthusiasts. YouTube video: Thingiverse Likes It:

20 votes

Cork Screw

This is your conventional cork screw with added personalization, complex twists, and geared arms. Watch it move @

77 votes

shot glass

Shot glass with a unique shape transition

184 votes

Cherry rings

3D printed ring (FDM) no support needed, can be printed by standing on its one. 3 version of the ring - with one ball - with two ball - with three ball

94 votes


3d printed UAV wing. 1500mm wingspan, 200mm root chord, dihedral, twist and winglet. For all the information see:

78 votes

Baby cup holder

My two kids have a foldble bunk and there were no place for his water cup... and that meant to get out of bed once in a while every night. So... I designed this cup holder. It is parametric so you can customize it with the kid name or for different cups.

2 votes

Mustache opener

My design is a Mustache opener. It's easy to print and fun to use !

36 votes

shake it

Shake it is a mixer that exploits the potential of 3D printing to create complex shapes that make possible the microfluidic flow. It's magic? no... is 3d printing!

19 votes

Baroque Chandelier

A Chandelier that fits any modern environment. Features: - diameter is 60 cm; - standard light fitting. Designed for 3D-printing at Home: - several parts - largest piece is 195x195x195 mm; - no support-material required; - both ABS and PLA are strong enough. Source:

24 votes